Haglil Industries supplies all types of rollers and shafts used in the printing industry:

  • All Offset printing applications
  • Flexographic printing
  • Embossing printing
  • Various conveying rollers

Haglil Industries is an official manufacturer and distributor of the German Westland brand. Westland Gmbh develops rubber components during 75 years. The cooperation with Westland enables an excellence in our manufacturing processes and product quality thanks to three main reasons:

  1. Utilization of the finest raw materials carrying international quality certification.
    Haglil industries operates according to international quality check standards complying both with Westland standards and with ISO 9001.
  2. Strong cooperation between Westland and the machine manufacturers like:
    Heildelberg, MAN Roland,KBA ,Komori, Mitsubishi , Sakuray , Ryobi.
  3. Our partnership with Westland for any new product development and advanced manufacturing methods.

General information

  • High reshaping capability
  • Flexibility
  • Dynamic stability
  • High wear-resistance properties
  • High  performance under extreme temperatures
  • Resistance to chemicals used in the printing industry – inks, solvents, additives etc.

A high quality product developed for printing machines using regular inks.
Utilization: rotation printing, flat printing, continuous paper printing, heat set and cold set.
Rubber types: C252-01,C302-01 , C352-01, C402-01 , C452-01 (black)


  • Volume stability at high velocities and over long periods of time (static diameter)
  • Swell resistance
  • Minimal heat build-up
  • Excellent wear resistance which guarantees a better behavior during dry operation
  • Stabilized hardness level
  • Easy washing and maintenance due to smooth surface and a very good ink transfer
  • Excellent adhesion between metal and rubber

For your choice, three product categories to perfectly suit your needs and machinery
Weroaqua , Werodamp and Werodhal.


The perfect dampening roller quality for alcohol reduced or IPA-free printing
Weroaqua products are a combination of two rubber types:

  1. Supply cylinders- C305-12 (grey)
  2. Dosage cylinders – C303-60, C253-60 (red)


  • Hydrophilic surface which guarantees excellent dampening without IPA
  • Water savings capabilities of between 15% to 25%
  • The water creates an ultra-thin and homogenous layer which enables an optimal ink/water balance
  • Ink traces and marks are minimized
  • Recommended for flat and rotation machines
  • Optimal dosage and transfer of dampening solution at all speeds repels the ink
  • Strong resistance to swell generated by dampening solution
  • Dampening roller for continuous-film dampening systems for sheet-fed and web printing
  • Distribution rollers for offset rotation and continuous film printing

Rubber types: C254-12, C304-12 (grey)


  • Excellent dampening with low IPA level
  • Good hydrophilic behavior for efficient water transfer process
  • Low levels of overlay and ink transfer
  • Stable hardness level guarantees constant wetting over a long time
  • Excellent adhesion between rubber and metal
  • Ink and dampening rollers based on Dahlgren's principle
  • Distribution rollers for Dahlgren or Delta unit systems
  • Rollers for rotation machines

Rubber types: C253-01, C303-01, C353-01, C403-01 (black)


  • Excellent mechanical resistance which guarantees a good behavior in dry operation
  • Excellent swell resistance at high speed operation
  • Good ink/dampening solution balance maintenance
  • Stable hardness level
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance