Haglil Industries was founded in 1970. The company is located in Qiryat Gat, Israel,
and operates a 6000 Sq m manufacturing facility.
Since its creation until today, our company specializes in the manufacturing and coating of precision rubber and metal rollers of various sizes and for different industries. Our customer list includes the world leaders in high-tech digital printing and pre-print systems as well as most of the companies in the printing sector in Israel. In addition, Haglil Industries manufactures precision shafts for conveying systems and a variety of other applications, as well as CNC machined parts.

Guided by its vision, our company keeps extending its product offering on a regular basis and pushes the limits to perfection. Based on extensive experience we have developed proprietary glues, roller coating, polyurethane molding, elastomers, grinding and polishing methods.

Our logistics service, whose role is to provide practical and rapid solutions to our customers needs,

is highly professional and experienced.
This service manages all the steps through its supply chain – production, local and international purchasing, storing, transport, payments and customers service. All these steps are managed and supported by our internal information system.

Since Haglil Industries is part of the Kaman group, the company has set up various cooperation programs with other members of the group. These partnerships have generated a technological leadership which leverages our company's offering and leads to our customers success.

We at Haglil Industries believe that your success and ours are a combination of hands-on management, a competent team, innovative logistics methods, a high quality and a dedicated customer service.